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In the Press: 2019 AgTech Nexus USA, Chicago

AgTech Nexus USA, which was co-hosted with the Illinois Soybean Association and held in Chicago on July 22-23, focused on the latest in data-driven farm management tools, advances in genetics, robotic developments, blockchain technology, predictive agriculture and AI platforms and more.

This 5th annual event, which took place in the heart of the Midwest at The Standard Club and Whiskey Acres, brought together an international group of investors, agribusiness executives, agtech entrepreneurs and farmers for examinations of cutting-edge technologies guaranteed to redefine the ag sector.

Below is some of the media coverage from the event:


September 2Three farmers advise on the future of data; "About 15 years ago we (farmers) dropped the ball in not monetizing our data.", by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

September 1 Increasing photosynthetic efficiency; When it comes to retaining photosynthesis from the sun, “plants are not that efficient”, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.


August 13Livestock sector looking for greater tech investment; The future of the livestock farm is in big data, analytics, robotics, gene editing and blockchain, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

August 13Investors see good opportunity in the agricultural landscape; Ag is one of the most underleveraged sectors of the economy, investors say, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

August 13Investment in biological technology is soaring; These products will compete with synthetics in the future, speaker predicts, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

August 13Speakers offer differing views on direction of ag investment, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

August 8 -- Weather uncertainty to continue to impact farming, by Martha Blum of AgriNews Publications.

August 6 -- Emerging technologies meet at Nexus conference; Some of the innovative concepts include a self-drying grain box and gene-edited vegetable seeds, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

August 6 -- Autonomous robots make light work of in-field tasks; Rowbots will apply in-crop nitrogen, seed cover crops, and some day even control weeds, for about $12 an acre, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

August 6Investors see opportunity in plant-based foods; There's a host of start-up companies catering to those choosing their food on ethical grounds, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

August 6 - Company sets out to guide grain industry into the digital age; A lot of transactions being done today are still manual, suggesting "technology has left the grain industry behind," Bushel co-founder says, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

JULY 2019

July 30 - Chicago high school specializes in ag sciences, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer.

July 30 – Entrepreneurs share their approach to ending food waste; Justin Kamine's firm picks up food waste from supermarkets and turns it into pet food, by Ian Cumming of Ontario Farmer

July 24 Precision Ag Bytes. By AgWired.

July 24 5 ways talking to farmers can help a start-up, by Laurie Bedord, Successful Farming

July 23U.S. to pay $15 minimum per acre to farmers hurt by china trade war, by Humeyra Pamuk of Thomson Reuters.

July 22Adams on Agriculture interviews Megan Miller, Ag Innovations and Tech Transfer Manager for the Illinois Soybean Association. A radio interview (in at 27:12, out at 38:08)

July 22 -- Joyn Bio and NewLeaf Symbiotics Enter Into $75M Sustainable-Ag Partnership. By AgDaily Reporters.

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