Since its founding as a management and strategy development consultancy in 2000, HighQuest Group has grown its business organically and through acquisitions of Soyatech LLC’s publishing and research team (2006) and SJH & Co.’s consulting practice (2010).  Today, HighQuest Group’s business mix encompasses strategic advisory services and the production of diverse conferences and media products across the agribusiness sector. HighQuest Group’s core industry focus is the global agricultural and food sectors and the strategic and financial players and public and private investors active in the space.


HighQuest Group is headquartered in Topsfield, Mass.


HighQuest Group serves thousands of customers annually through our consulting engagements, annual conferences, publications, and subscribed media products. For more information about HighQuest Group, we invite you to review the tabs on this website, visit our practice, media, and event websites, or to contact us.


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