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New career workshop offered by Women in Agribusiness Europe

BOSTON, January 27, 2022 – In a pivotal move that heeds the call of the marketplace, Women in Agribusiness Europe just announced a Career Acceleration Workshop – a new, half-day seminar to be held virtually on Tuesday, March 29.

“We have tailored this event around the request of our European audience, where the call for professional development, career advancement and strategic planning discussions are high on the list of needs for women in the sector,” said Joy O’Shaughnessy, chief operating officer for HighQuest Partners, the company hosting the event. “We invite all women in agribusiness to attend this focused workshop that will succinctly pinpoint the steps required to advance one’s career.”

The five-hour workshop will be led by the women’s development group, Leading Women, under the direction of their renowned speaker on inclusive leadership development and gender dynamics, CEO Kelly Primus. Leading Women utilizes ground-breaking, proprietary research in Talent Development and Gender Dynamics as the basis for customizing and delivering innovative solutions, unique insights, actionable tools, and a business focus for various women’s, manager’s and corporate skill set needs.

Topics at the workshop include:

· The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get – Leading Women’s research has identified the 9 critical differentiators for moving from middle into senior and executive positions. What are they? This session will reveal them as well as introduce “The Missing 33%™” of the career success equation for women.

· Think Like a CEO™ – Here participants will learn the 4 key business outcomes that executives monitor, and understand how their work drives these outcomes.

· PIE: Strategic Mentoring™ – There is a difference between CAKE and PIE mentoring. This session explains that, and which to use to be most successful in one’s career.

· Strategic Relationships for Business Success – Leading Woman’s Senior Consultant Dr. Usha Pillai presents 6 tools for cultivating strong internal and external relationships and utilizing them to grow one’s career.

Registration for this information-packed virtual workshop is $250, but will rise after the early bird rate ends on January 29. This event is meant for live participation, and will not be recorded. Visit Women in Agribusiness Europe Career Acceleration Workshop for full details.

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About Women in Agribusiness

The annual Women in Agribusiness Summit in the U.S., introduced by parent company HighQuest Partners in 2012, is renowned for annually convening close to 1,000 of the country’s female agribusiness decision-makers, with 30 percent at the CEO/executive level and another 25 percent at department management level. Women in Agribusiness Summit Europe debuted in Barcelona, Spain, in February 2015. WIA initiatives have grown to include theWIA Membership, WIA Demeter Award of Excellence, Scholarships, and the WIA Today blog. Learn more at

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